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Welcome to Mauve, the new luxury destination for shoes & accessories on this cosmopolitan island of Jersey in the British Isles. We're small, discrete and our twenty year's experience working in the global fashion arena will allow us to bring you the insider knowledge of haute luxe. We're honoured to bring you the most sought after (and some might say 'insider') designer shoe brands and luxury accessories from around the world. We'll be hosting regular trunk shows or pop up's at they're commonly known, in St. Helier, where we'll be introducing exclusive designer brands from London, Paris, Milan, Miami and New York, not to mention the finest Scottish cashmere. Added to that we'll be offering a personal shopping service. Simply select the shoes or gifts online and we'll deliver wrapped and ready to your own home or office in Jersey on the same day. So don't worry if you've forgotten a birthday gift or just desperate for a new pair of shoes to finish of the look for a special occasion, we'll deliver the same day direct to your door!

We've been asked why we chose shoes? Well apart from the fact that shoes speak louder than words and the purchase of new shoes provides a temporary cure for mood swings, we firmly believe that every woman has room for more shoes. That aside, in the words of Marliyn Monroe - 'Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world'. But it's not just luxurious shoes, we'll be introducing other exclusive brands such as Finlay & Co sunglasses, Oxford Vaughan sunglasses, Rizzoli books and Mauve Cashmere for women and men.

We believe Mauve to be a special place, where people who have an affinity for savoir-faire, refinement and elegance have found a unique home. We hope to grow with our customers, seek out collections that'll be right for you. We'll react to impulse purchases for that last minute special occasion by delivering door to door in Jersey, but most importantly, we'll react to you. So enjoy our online shopping experience and if we don't have something you are looking for then contact our Concierge and they will do the work for you!

Follow us on Instagram and twitter to keep up to date with all the latest trunk shows and new brands as they arrive! We're not just an online retailer - we're Mauve Jersey.

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